Da Carat Story

Bejeweled You: Express Yourself with Da Carat Story

With a legacy spanning over 40+ years in the Gems and Jewelry industry, Da Carat Story brings you exquisite pieces of art that not only adorn you but also narrate a captivating tale. Join our esteemed Da Carat Story family and let your jewelry reflect your unique story.

Step 1:

Tell Your Story Through Jewelry

We start by getting to know you: We’ll understand your unique personality and what makes you shine.

Unleash your style preferences: Tell us your likes and dislikes about traditional jewelry settings.

Beyond the ordinary: Whether you love animals, nature, classic elegance, or modern flair, we’ll find elements that resonate with you.

Step 2:

Your perfect diamond awaits: We source ethically-mined, conflict-free diamonds and guide you through the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight). Explore different shapes, fancy colors, and find the diamond that perfectly complements your vision.

Your Approval Matters:

Once you’ve chosen your diamond, we’ll create a detailed sketch and a CAD (computer-aided design) file for your review. We value your input, so feel free to provide feedback on every detail, from the width of the band or prong settings of tennis bracelet or setting for your necklace. We’ll ensure your piece is meticulously crafted to your exact specifications.

Step 3:

A masterpiece just for you:

Using your preferences, we’ll craft a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that tells your story.

Consult With Our Expert

Seek Personalized Guidnce and Curated Selections To Help you Find The Perfect Piece That Reflects Yours Unique Style And Story.

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